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Konica Hexar Gold

Commemorating Konica's 120th Anniversary!  Production only 500 Cameras!  . Lees verder

Carl Zeiss Jena Tele Tessar 30cm.

Carl Zeiss Jena Tele Tessar 30cm. with box.   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Carl Zeiss Jena Sonar 300/4.0

Carl Zeiss Jena  Sonar 300/4. 0  # 4837969   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Carl Zeiss Jena Sonar 300/4.0

Carl Zeiss Jena Sonar 300/4. 0 # 2427353   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Ziag Contessamat SBE

Ziag Contessamat SBE   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Ziag Colora

Ziag Colora   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Zeiss Ikon

Zeiss Ikon for Chinese market.   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder


Contax for Chinese market.   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Carl Zeiss Planar 85/1.4 Contarex

The famous Planar 85/1. 4 in Mint-/Ex++ condition with original keeper and caps. It's in Mint- condition since it only has got some slight signs on the chrome barrel.   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Contax TLR set

*** SOLD *** Contaflex TLR set. This is a real historical classic camera and beautiful outfit. The outfit comes into a nice custom made metal case and the camera itself is in a fantastic condition Mint-/Ex ++. Considering the rarity and the fact that it was made in 1935,normally they are in more used and rusty condition as they were made during the pre-war period of course. Lees verder

Zeiss Tele Tessar K 30cm/8

*** SOLD *** Rare Tele Tessar K 30cm/8 pre war Zeiss lens for Contax rangefinder cameras. It is in a fantastic original condition and it is complete with the original case,caps,original filter,lenshood and focusing screen. This is the very rare version in Direct mount. It's without the finder as most of those lenses, I mean the few that once in a while comes on the market. Lees verder

Ducati with 35/2.8

*** SOLD *** A very nice miniature Ducati camera which comes with the more rare 35mm/2. 8 (instead of a 3. 5) lens.   The leather bag is included as well and is in a very nice condition !!    *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Nikon FA Gold & 50/1.4

Nikon was justifiably very proud of their FA,  the first camera to use computerized multi-segment metering.   I am fairly sure the Gold FA is only the second Gold Nikon, after the Gold FM.  It was the first Gold Nikon offered for sale to the public, commemorating  winning the European camera of the Year award for 1984.    Still, I am not sure how that award relates to the   "Camera Gran Prix 84. Lees verder

Pentax Z1 SE Limited Edition 75 Years

*** SOLD *** The Z-1 (aka PZ-1) was a high-end 35mm SLR with autofocus introduced by Pentax in 1991. It utilized KAF2 lenses and was also compatible with manual K-mount lenses. A special edition Z-1 SE was issued in 1994 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Asahi Optical Co. The camera was superseded in 1995 by the Z-1p. Lees verder

Mamiya RB67 Gold

Mamiya RB67 Gold. Lees verder

Canon IXUS Gold 60 Years

Canon IXUS Gold 60 Years. Lees verder

Olympus Ecru 16472/20000

The Ecru is a limited edition, fully automated 35mm compact camera available in only certain areas from April 1991. "La Vie en Ecru" expresses the camera's detail-conscious design. The Ecru's not only super convenient to operate but also pleasing to both the touch of the hand and the eye. It appears like a heartwarming-white sculpture giving a natural, relaxed feeling in the hand of the user, whichever environment it catches you in. Lees verder

Minox Gold AXI-098

Minox Gold AXI-098.   The Minox is a subminiature camera conceived in 1922 and invented in 1936 by German-Latvian Walter Zapp, which Latvian factory VEF (Valsts Elektrotehniskā Fabrika) manufactured from 1937 to 1943. After World War II, the camera was redesigned and production resumed in Germany in 1948. Originally envisioned as a luxury item, it gained wide notoriety as a spy camera. Lees verder

Minox MDC Gold

Golden version of the MINOX 35 mm film series (was once the smallest 35mm camera in the world). limited edition 555pcs. . 24 carat gold plated. Lees verder

Minolta Prod 20's

1990 Minolta Prod 20′s Fully auto 35mm leaf shutter AF camera with 1920s concept design. . Lees verder

Olympus Mju II Limited

*** SOLD *** The Olympus µ[mju:]-II  was an award-winning 35mm compact camera issued by Olympus in 1997. Its small splashproof body, accurate autofocus, fast and sharp prime lens, and integrated auto-flash, led to it becoming something of a modern classic. It was originally available in black or silver. Around 3. Lees verder

Olympus O-Product

The Olympus O-camera. It is an aluminum bodied very compact 35mm camera. It has a (detachable) strobe unit and a limited edition (only 20,000 units were made).  As I said, it’s completely unrelated to today’s world but the camera is so “different” that I was wondering if there was something that could appeal users today. Lees verder

Olympus Mju1 Limited

With its distinctive deep, metallic black sheen, the Olympus [mju:]-1 LIMITED makes a stunning debut. In tribute to a meticulous attention to detail and the highest calibre of production quality, only 50,000 of these works of art will be be made available to discerning collectors and photography enthusiasts. . Lees verder

Minolta TC-1

Minolta TC-1   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder

Contax T2 Limited Edition 60 Years

Contax T2 Limited Edition 60 Years   *** SOLD ***. Lees verder


Offered to you is this very limited edition of the Canon Ixus 65 "Diamond" !! It comes brand new in the box with all the manuals included and has got the serialnumber : 2538008345. This is what is written about this camera : To commemorate the IXUS milestone,Canon paid a visit to a diamnond merchant who covered 10 Canon Ixus cameras in diamonds. Ten Ixus Diamond cameras, one for each year, will become collector's items for whoever owns them. One of the cameras was auctioned at the party, together with ten framed enlargements of behind-the-scene photos made by style icons like Robert Cavalli, Donatella Versace and Christian Lacroix. Lees verder

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